Mobile Hotspot On The Go With Cradlepoint

In the world of luxury real estate marketing, having instant access to the data you need, when you need it, can determine your success in a transaction. This means readily having access to an Internet connection, and oftentimes the ability to connect multiple devices to the network simultaneously.

Cradepoint’s line of cellular routers/Wi-Fi access points to create a “hotspot on the go” while traveling. In a matter of minutes, I can quickly connect multiple devices to the Internet to do the work I need to move a transaction forward.

I find Cradlepoint solutions especially valuable in that they are not tied to a particular cellular carrier. This is especially helpful when traveling internationally. Rather than incurring high international roaming rates with your domestic carrier, you can easily drop in a pre-paid or rechargeable local SIM into your aircard and be connected less expensively.

Watch the video to learn more.